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Into the Woods!

Posted by: Tabitha Drover | January 24, 2012 | No Comment |

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Article by Tabitha Drover

Every year at Homer High School a school musical is preformed. This year they are preforming a fairytale style musical called “Into the Woods.” The play takes the stories every teenager knows and love, such as “Rapunzel” and “Cinderella” and combines them to create a whole new lovely fairytale of its own.

Students all over Homer High School are excited for the play. Sydney Paulino, sophomore choir member, said, “It’s really cool and it’s got a lot of diverse characters. The music’s great because it’s catchy.”

Last year the school put on the musical “Rent.” Everyone who watched it loved it. Students are excited to see if this musical turns out as good or if it’s a disappointment. While choir members are excited to participate in it.
Megan Garoutte, sophomore, said “I’m interested to see how it turns out. And who turns out. I’m definitely going to try to see it.”

Matthew Meyer, Sophomore choir member, said “Every year Mr. Robinson makes a really good musical. He takes musicals that have very small singing parts and turns it into a musical that can have a whole choir in it. This musical is a lot funnier then last years so I think it will turn out really well.”

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