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A Not So Awkward Match

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By Cayenna Anderson

Most people walking out the door to their house would say to their parent “Bye! See you after school!” However, this is not the case for eight Homer High students who have parents that work on the faculty, including Maggie and Lewis Koplin, Maggie Graham, Megan Gee, William Sinclair, John Walsworth, Ian Lowe, and John Akers.

            “I don’t find it very weird; we just kind of stay out of each other’s way unless either of us needs something from the other,” said Megan Gee, daughter of principal, Dr. Gee, “There isn’t much of an impact, I think, because I’m so used to it. Sometimes being his daughter has its perks.”

Megan was very nonchalant about the subject, seeming like she’d had the conversation many times before to friends and teachers.

 After fifth period that day, I noticed Megan and her dad share a passing glance in the hallway, both minding their own business, but enough acknowledgment to tell that she is comfortable with the situation at hand.

            What If you went to high school with your dad being the principal? Megan says it doesn’t faze her. Furthermore, what if your mom could see all of your grades, instantly, almost as if the second you handed in your assignment? Or if she knew your FOL schedule and what might seem like your every move?

Maggie Graham knows this feeling. Though not as intensely as one may think, the impact is still partially there. Somewhat contrary to Megan’s view, Graham concluded, “Well, of course, it can be a little weird, but I’m pretty used to it. A lot of people actually don’t know that she is my mom.”
            Maggie’s mom works in the counseling department of the school. “My mom is my mom; she doesn’t really act differently at school compared to at home. When she first started working here, it was kind of strange and almost crowded feeling, but I’m definitely over all of that now.”

            Though Graham and Gee had a few very minor differences in opinion, they both seemed to agree on one thing: they will always know how to get a hold of their parent when they need something! 

Megan Gee


Maggie Graham


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