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DDF, The Rising Tide

Posted by: Samuel Reinert | November 18, 2011 | 1 Comment |

By Sam Reinert

Almost everyone has heard of DDF, Drama, Debate, and Forensics, but not many people know that it is becoming one of Homer High School’s most successful extracurricular programs. This year alone, DDF has traveled to Anchorage twice, and placed first both times this year. In their first meet, the team won by a landslide, and in their most recent meet, they beat South by 1 point-a culminating score of all the individual events- to claim the overall title. The team placed first in drama, second in debate, and first in forensics, and 18 out of the 19 participants placed.

According to the coach, Ms. Christianson, the program is consistently growing in both size and dedication, and always improving. “We restructured practices, so there is more critiquing going on from coaches and other students.” Ms. Christianson said. “This means more feedback from the rest of the team, and more opportunities to improve pieces before the meets.”

Whatever has changed, it’s working so far. This is the first year the DDF team has placed first in several years, let alone twice in a row. Almost all DDF meets are held in Anchorage because of its central location, but the group pulled through with a win despite the trip. This season promises an even stronger team in the future if the team can keep up this rate of growth and improvement.

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Congratulations to the DDF team! They have done really well.

Also, congratulations to the staff of the Mariner Compass. It is good for the community to see these positive accomplishments and interests of high school students.

I encourage you to get the your website location out through various means. Get it in the Sustainable Homer updates, get the other local papers to do a brief story so your link is on their electronic website, post on locally used blogs, write letters to the local newspapers. You have a lot to say and the community needs to know where to find you! Oh, and put it on Facebook! I will add the link to my page today.

Keep up the good work, all of you.
Nina Faust

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