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Adventures in Alaskan Winter

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By Mallory Drover

Winter has arrived in Homer, Alaska, and with it the usual abundance of snow. Students have reacted differently to the snowfall, with excitement for the fun snow sports or dread for the slick roads to school.

“I do skiing as an after school sport,” said freshman Benjamin Westphal. “And snowboarding.”

“I fall down whenever I try [to play snow sports],” explained senior Casey Parrett with a laugh. “I love snow. It’s just really cold, [and] was in my shoes this morning. I’ve been driving in it every day and nearly dying.”

While some students enjoy the snow, it can also be a problem. Student drivers are dangerous enough without the factor of slick roads, but accidents due to sliding wheels are a chronic problem in the winter.

“Well, it sucks! I turned my wheels hard left and went straight into the ditch,” Mick Wells said, throwing his arms up in demonstration. His friend Dylan Morrison, senior, had a similar story.

“I forgot to put it in 4-wheel drive, I was in 2-wheel drive, and my road has a curve in it. I just kept sliding, and I tried over correcting and I slid right into the ditch. We could have drove through someone’s yard but we didn’t. Mick was with me.”

Surviving an Alaskan winter through the cold, snow, and wind can be tough, but it can be worth it when viewed in the right light. Teacher Pam Newton adores the snow.

“The best first snow adventure of the year involves a screaming two stroke engine and some fine, beautiful fresh powder. Snow in your face and a temperature and scenery that take your breath away complete the day.”

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