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FFA Takes Off!

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By Isaebelle De Armoun

It’s that time of year again. Time for the FFA take off! The “Take Off” is an overnight sleepover with bonding activities, games and food. Students will also get the chance to learn what one would do in FFA. The Take Off will start at 4:30 and go until 11:00, Students can also chose to spend the night.

FFA is an organization that students join to learn about growing food and agriculture for the future. At the end of every season there is a state convention called the Envirothon. Students learn these skills by doing different activities like visiting peony farms, dairy farms, gardens and cannoning.  

Traven Apaki said FFA has helped him become a better leader, as he is chapter President, helped him with public speaking. Last year Traven joined and became treasurer, and since then he has worked up to president.

 Traven says joining FFA  has opened up many options like being able to get jobs associated with agriculture, being able to apply for scholarships for FFA members and being able to have the opportunity to meet new students from all around Alaska that compete in the envirothon.

Misses Roberts the head of FFA ,and said that FFA not only teaches you how to be a responsible grower but also teaches parliamentary pro. Another part of FFA is fundraising. Every year FFA sells candy canes at Christmas time, Rosés on Valentines Day and also sells Alaska grow products. Traven Apaki says FFA is truly a great experience and all students interested should attend the take off.

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