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Workin’ in Woodshop

Posted by: Kenley Kingrey | November 4, 2011 | No Comment |

By Kenley Kingrey

                    In the vocational hall there are many types of art, some in particular being the display outside of the woodshop class. The wooden fish pop out of the net they are hanging on and help the hallway stay creative in every way. The fish is one of the six projects the students will have completed or will complete by the end of the semester.

                    “The purpose of woodshop is to give students the understanding that there are vocational job opportunities to anyone in the state of Alaska and throughout the world for woodworking jobs. Jobs available would be ones in construction and carpentry with many jobs branching off of those,” said Mr. Wyatt, the woodshop teacher.
                    Woodshop classes will come in handy one day for some students. Using a hammer and nail to hang up a picture can be a difficult task and woodshop helps you learn how to do it properly and safely. You also have to know how to make proper measurements and learn how to use them and apply them.
                    “Wood is a natural product and humans like wood because it’s warm. This gives many job opportunities to people who like to work with wood,” said Mr. Wyatt.

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