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Photo of the Week

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By Isabelle De Armoun

Photography around the Commons might catch your eyes and you might ask yourself: why are these photographs around the school? “Photo of the week” is why!

In the last couple years, Pam Newton, year book adviser, came up with a new way of using extra time that’s not being spent on the yearbook to decorate the school walls with student photography.

Every week Pam gives her students a theme to focus on for the picture of the week, for example; fall leaves reflection of an image. This week’s theme is mug shots. At the end of the week Pam looks through all the photos submitted and chooses the first one that sparks her eye. Then she frames the photo and hangs it around the school.

Not only is the photography displayed around the school but also in the yearbook. Pam says that organization, creative energy and drive helps the yearbook be the best it can. Goldie Shealy is the epitome of this, spending many hours organizing and planning the book, assigning jobs and let’s not forgets the amazing photos she’s known for. In Goldie’s eyes “a good photo is a photo with purpose “

Pam feels that the photography around the school gives kids a sence of pride and ownership about their school. Being able to see their friends and even themselves around the school ,groups of kids  gawk at the photos every time one is posted.

Sam Reinert, a junior says, that he “especially enjoys the photos that are school related”, he likes being able to see his fellow students and  it makes him even prouder to be a Mariner.

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