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Hallway Change

Posted by: Tabitha Drover | October 12, 2011 | No Comment |


   By: Tabitha Drover
    Last year hallways were assigned to each grade. Freshmen had wing A-100, Sophomores had wing B-100, the juniors had upper wing B-200, and seniors had B-200. But this year has brought about new changes for the freshmen,sophomores, and juniors. Freshman now have the old junior hallway, sophomores have A-100, and juniors have B-100. But is everyone happy?
    Logan Edwards, a junior, said “I think it’s making kids mad. They want to move upstairs. It’s a rite of passage. It’s kind of a tradition. Kids as they grow older want to move up higher because of the upperclassmen.”

Some kids such as Maggie Graham, another Homer High School student, said “I don’t think it’s really affecting us that much as much.”

So what was the real reason for this move? Most of the students were unaware of the answer but Dr.Gee, Principal, said “Fortunately we were able to add more lockers to the two lower hallways. I met with the borough  maintenance directer and we were supposed to add new lockers upstairs for the other two hallways. He’s going to see if there’s enough funding to get that completed but he’s not certain. Last May when they were doing their locker clean up I stopped everyone in the hallway and asked them, I said you have two choices ,you can either stay here in the larger locker and enjoy this hallway, or as juniors you can go upstairs. Overwhelmingly they wanted to stay where they are at. Several said no we want to go upstairs but we want new lockers. But that’s not an option at this point. Hopefully, I can get those done next summer. It’s my goal to get those completed.”

So hopefully from now on kids will learn to adjust to this new style without much problems.

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