By: Megan Gee           Life           Goes           By           Faster           Than           You           Can           Say       […]

By Carson Duggar                                                                                                         […]

By Gabriel Selbig

by Ryan N.

from cafeteria lunches.                 to a trash can..         to the dumpster.         The trash is then transported to the Homer Landfill.         The Homer Landfill has been filling since 1978                 […]

                    By Akane Fujimura

By Michael de Moura                    

By Cayenna Anderson  

By Lauren Cashman           The band started the program with selections from Disney’s The Lion King.                 The dance group waits in the back hallway, prepping for their performance.                   The Marimba band stole the show […]

By Mallory Drover                    

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