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By NAHOA JETTE Rising temperatures, melting snow, and brownish grass can mean only one thing – spring sports at Homer High. But forget about soccer, track, or softball – it’s baseball season. The boys of summer are back with a new captain at the helm. Replacing the incumbent coach, Lary Kuhns, as head coach is […]

By NAHOA JETTE In lieu of the March Madness tournament, and Warren Buffett’s billion dollar offer for a perfect bracket, let’s take a look at some of Homer High’s student and staff predictions. Paul Trowbridge (junior) Final Four: Syracuse, Villanova, Wisconsin, Wichita National Champion: Syracuse What would you do with $1 billion? – “I would […]

By DANIEL RIOS On Saturday, Oct. 12 the Homer Mariners battled it out for the first time this season at Skyview High School. What a day, with all of the excitement of the yelling crowds and cheering of the teams in the gymnasium, it was filled with noisy fans. Tragically, this could have been one […]

By Mallory Drover Several scattered warriors surrounded Kyle Wentz of The Weeping Angels. Armed only with one arrow in defense, Kyle faced numerous attackers from every side wielding shields, spears, and swords. He fought valiantly, but in the end was charged upon and killed at 8:27pm “Apparently it’s true. One man can’t beat twenty Spartans,” […]

By Akane Fujimura “Oh, man. I couldn’t stand the last half game,” Anna Fisher, Girls JV soccer coach said after their first victory. According to the players, last year, the JV team scored one or two goals total for the whole season, and they never won a game. “We did amazing,” Abby Brant, a sophomore […]

By Cayenna Anderson There are six boys on each side of the court, passing, setting and spiking. The whole crowd, containing most of the student body, can only hope that no spandex will be involved. A condition like this is none other than meatball volleyball, put on by the student council. For those unfamiliar, meatball […]

By Akane Fujimura “It’s my best sport!” Freshman Chris Bice, who takes part in the track & field team stated. The first track & field meet of this season took place in Anchorage on April 14th with thirty-eight schools participating. For the eight freshmen on the team, it’s also their first meet in their high […]

By Lauren Cashman Midway through the Seward Invitational Basketball Tournament a few weeks ago, the Lady Mariner basketball program found themselves in a serious predicament; due to uncontrollable events, they were in need of a coach in the midst of a tournament. Dennis Welch approached Mark Casseri, the boys’ basketball coach, and requested that he […]

By: Megan Gee This past weekend the boy’s and girl’s basketball teams traveled 561.27 miles to play some ball in Nome. They traveled into -13۫۫ weather and played 3 games each. The boys took home the 2nd place trophy, while the girls played hard and improved their skills. The boys played the same teams, and […]

Successful Travels

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By Carson Duggar  Over the past weekend the Mariner Hockey team battled through the cold weather to win two out of two against the best small school competition in the state. On Thursday the team took the long trip to the frigid city of Fairbanks. They had three games on their plate, beginning with a […]

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