by LOGAN REVEIL There is a saying in journalism that says “If it bleeds, it leads.” But last Friday I found new meaning in this phrase. While arms were sterilized and foam balls were squeezed, 32 students gave their blood for the annual Blood Bank of Alaska, blood drive. As put in their mission statement: […]

by LOGAN REVEIL The Mariner Theatre  hosted ‘Quixotic’, an interdisciplinary ensemble that has performed around the world. The group was on stage the 17th and 18th of October. Quixotic blends dance, music, acrobatics, and special effects all into one performance.  On the website for Quixotic, the creator, Anthony Magliano says,”I want Quixotic audiences to feel the […]

By Mallory Drover Several scattered warriors surrounded Kyle Wentz of The Weeping Angels. Armed only with one arrow in defense, Kyle faced numerous attackers from every side wielding shields, spears, and swords. He fought valiantly, but in the end was charged upon and killed at 8:27pm “Apparently it’s true. One man can’t beat twenty Spartans,” […]

By Akane Fujimura The last week of school: It’s time for seniors to graduate, but it’s also the time for foreign exchange students to go home. According to all the foreign exchange students in Homer High School, they’re glad to go home and see their family and friends again, but at the same time, it’s […]

By Akane Fujimura “Oh, man. I couldn’t stand the last half game,” Anna Fisher, Girls JV soccer coach said after their first victory. According to the players, last year, the JV team scored one or two goals total for the whole season, and they never won a game. “We did amazing,” Abby Brant, a sophomore […]

By Mallory Drover On lamp posts, sign posts, doors, bulletin boards, and walls, Sarah D’Water and Grace Steiner taped posters with bright red and black images, with a single bold name and date- Kony 2012.“The purpose was to just spread the word any way possible, as long as it is legal, smart, and gets the […]

By Cayenna Anderson There are six boys on each side of the court, passing, setting and spiking. The whole crowd, containing most of the student body, can only hope that no spandex will be involved. A condition like this is none other than meatball volleyball, put on by the student council. For those unfamiliar, meatball […]

By Lauren Cashman Last Saturday the Homer High School Lady Mariner soccer team hosted a dance and fundraiser at the Bidarka. While it was a success, raising over 1,000 dollars for the program, some students questioned the choice of theme, Cowboys and Indians, and the possible racial insensitivity surrounding it. This question of insensitivity is […]

By Akane Fujimura “It’s my best sport!” Freshman Chris Bice, who takes part in the track & field team stated. The first track & field meet of this season took place in Anchorage on April 14th with thirty-eight schools participating. For the eight freshmen on the team, it’s also their first meet in their high […]

By Lauren Cashman After Dr. Gee introduced Senator Murkowski, she immediately asked if she could stand amongst the audience, rather than on the stage where the podium and both the Alaskan and American flags stood, saying it was more comfortable. She then proceeded to ask the students, “can you hear me fine without a microphone?” […]

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