Totes m’Goats

April 24, 2014 | Leave a Comment

By  LOGAN REVEIL Homer High’s Natural Resources class is one the least conventional classes. Instead of writing essays and taking quizzes, the students taking this class learn how to raise crops and care for animals. In past years this class, taught by Francie Roberts, has built a hydroponic system to grow lettuce, raised several chickens […]

by LOGAN REVEIL With graduation on the horizon, many seniors are stressing about their final decisions for college. By now, most have applied to colleges, been evaluated by college counselors, and hopefully received letters of acceptance.  Before all of this though, there came a less formal process. Prospective college students have poured over U.S. News reports and visited campuses, […]

DELOACH—Homer is chock-full of artistic talent, but teenagers specifically have fewer outlets and options than adults. Still, they seek opportunities where available. On April 3, a gallery for Kenai Peninsula students’ art will open. Among the displays will be both ceramic inventions, and the art class’s works. Work from students between grades 7 and 12 […]

By ANNIE WORSFOLD As the date draws near, news about this year’s musical, The Sound of Plaid, is floating around. Whether it’s because your friends can’t hang out with you because they’ve got a 12 hour practice to attend to, or you’ve been hearing the choir kids singing in practice for this production, you’ve heard […]

Breaking the Shell

February 5, 2014 | Leave a Comment

by ANNIE WORSFOLD Friday, Jan. 31, the Mariner Theatre hosted a full audience for the opening night of the 14th annual Jazzline performance. The show, directed and choreographed by Jocelyn Shiro, included 46 dancers ranging from kindergarteners to adults in their 40s and 50s. The theme this year was on rebirth, renewal, and “breaking the […]

Eye Spy

December 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

By NAHOA JETTE Look up. Notice anything? Like the brand new security camera documenting everything in its sight. In the recent weeks, crews have installed a brand new, state-of-the-art, security system that will serve and protect Homer High School from the filth of injustice. HHS vice-principal, Ms. Mall, explained the addition of these cameras saying […]

By GRIFFIN M. SHERO In the Philippines after the terrible typhoon disaster, there has been lots of rebellion within the islands, because of the corruption that has been going on for years. Also, there is a lot of raiding in the areas affected by the storm. There was a hungry crowd that tried to hijack […]

Cutting the Wire

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By LOGAN REVEIL Late this November, a power outage affected the entire lower Kenai Peninsula.There’s nothing like a power outage to remind us just how dependent modern society is on electricity. As I walked through the dark halls, I asked myself, ”What would our society look like without electricity? Would it exist at all?” Technology […]

 Photo by Sierra Deloach By ANNIE WORSFOLD In 2013 when we have such developed technology, it seems unlikely that anything new will come along to really blow the minds of the people. IPhones, tablets, Google glass even- have already incorporated themselves into the everyday lives of people. So, what about 3D printers and fax machines? […]


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Movember (Mustache- November) is here yet again! Handlebar, fu Manchu, toothbrush, walrus,- whatever the style, millions across the globe have one month to produce the finest mustache the world will ever see. The goal? Other than looking fly, Movember’s true goal is to raise prostate and testicular cancer awareness, along with raising funds for treatment […]

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