Totes m’Goats

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By  LOGAN REVEIL Homer High’s Natural Resources class is one the least conventional classes. Instead of writing essays and taking quizzes, the students taking this class learn how to raise crops and care for animals. In past years this class, taught by Francie Roberts, has built a hydroponic system to grow lettuce, raised several chickens […]

by LOGAN REVEIL With graduation on the horizon, many seniors are stressing about their final decisions for college. By now, most have applied to colleges, been evaluated by college counselors, and hopefully received letters of acceptance.  Before all of this though, there came a less formal process. Prospective college students have poured over U.S. News reports and visited campuses, […]

By DANIEL RIOS Food… We all eat it whether we eat it with a fork, spoon, straw or chopsticks. But do we really know what is put into it. Who makes it is also important. Cooking is like an art, the chef’s feeling and emotion will ultimately define the quality and outcome of how the […]

Broadway Babies

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By ANNIE WORSFOLD With the musical over and Colors of Homer tied up for the year, students may be wondering what kinds of upcoming arts events they can immerse themselves in. Fear not, art lovers: there is a production happening at Wasabi’s in just two weeks, starring three phenomenal Homer High girls. “Broadway Babies,” a […]

  By SIERRA DELOACH Disney’s Frozen captured the hearts of millions in November of 2013, and continues to hold a slot as the most talked about movie of 2014. The icy humor and underlying tale of two sisters continues to be the talk of America, and has even been nominated and won awards for the […]

By ANNA MIDDLETON The following products are what are trending here in Homer. My friend helped me pick through what girls are wearing and decide what ones are the most popular trends.  There are many more trends out there, but these are the ones that stood out to my friend and I as the cutest. […]


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By NAHOA JETTE Rising temperatures, melting snow, and brownish grass can mean only one thing – spring sports at Homer High. But forget about soccer, track, or softball – it’s baseball season. The boys of summer are back with a new captain at the helm. Replacing the incumbent coach, Lary Kuhns, as head coach is […]