By NAHOA JETTE In lieu of the March Madness tournament, and Warren Buffett’s billion dollar offer for a perfect bracket, let’s take a look at some of Homer High’s student and staff predictions. Paul Trowbridge (junior) Final Four: Syracuse, Villanova, Wisconsin, Wichita National Champion: Syracuse What would you do with $1 billion? – “I would […]

DELOACH—Homer is chock-full of artistic talent, but teenagers specifically have fewer outlets and options than adults. Still, they seek opportunities where available. On April 3, a gallery for Kenai Peninsula students’ art will open. Among the displays will be both ceramic inventions, and the art class’s works. Work from students between grades 7 and 12 […]

By ANNA MIDDLETON On March 18, I met a middle aged woman named Jenny*. She became pregnant when she was 15 in 1976. Jenny’s pregnancy was a planned pregnancy because her boyfriend and her wanted to be married, but neither of their parents would agree to let them be married at such young ages. Her […]

By ANNIE WORSFOLD As the date draws near, news about this year’s musical, The Sound of Plaid, is floating around. Whether it’s because your friends can’t hang out with you because they’ve got a 12 hour practice to attend to, or you’ve been hearing the choir kids singing in practice for this production, you’ve heard […]