by SIERRA DELOACH It’s no secret that most people are broke coming out of college, and eager to join the work force. In America, though, the jobs to be had are slim to none. A survey conducted in April of 2013 found that over 41% of college graduates have not been able to obtain jobs […]

Following this sentence are three apps that Mariner Compass reporter, Nahoa Jette, believes are awesome. Flappy Bird (Games) [Free]:  Some call it “the most annoying game you will ever play,” while others say it was created by Satan. Nevertheless, the mobile phone game, Flappy Bird, has begun its turn under the app spotlight. Contrary to […]

Breaking the Shell

February 5, 2014 | Leave a Comment

by ANNIE WORSFOLD Friday, Jan. 31, the Mariner Theatre hosted a full audience for the opening night of the 14th annual Jazzline performance. The show, directed and choreographed by Jocelyn Shiro, included 46 dancers ranging from kindergarteners to adults in their 40s and 50s. The theme this year was on rebirth, renewal, and “breaking the […]