Eye Spy

December 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

By NAHOA JETTE Look up. Notice anything? Like the brand new security camera documenting everything in its sight. In the recent weeks, crews have installed a brand new, state-of-the-art, security system that will serve and protect Homer High School from the filth of injustice. HHS vice-principal, Ms. Mall, explained the addition of these cameras saying […]

By SAMANTHA DRAVES Photo by Jeanne Deloach Glistening sunshine reflecting off the water, eagles soaring high in the blue sky and beautiful sea life, – just the normal scene at the fabulous spit  tourists and Homer citizens alike look forward to seeing.. But it was not always like this. The town used to exist only […]

By GRIFFIN M. SHERO In the Philippines after the terrible typhoon disaster, there has been lots of rebellion within the islands, because of the corruption that has been going on for years. Also, there is a lot of raiding in the areas affected by the storm. There was a hungry crowd that tried to hijack […]

Black Friday

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By SIERRA DELOACH It’s that Christmas shopping time again—windows are overfilled with bright toys and clothes, gaudy Santa impersonators, and heavily ornamented trees. And Thanksgiving is next week, but the excitement for all that tasty, homemade food pales in comparison to the thrill of Black Friday. Stores open early and flood with millions of people […]

Cutting the Wire

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By LOGAN REVEIL Late this November, a power outage affected the entire lower Kenai Peninsula.There’s nothing like a power outage to remind us just how dependent modern society is on electricity. As I walked through the dark halls, I asked myself, ”What would our society look like without electricity? Would it exist at all?” Technology […]

 Photo by Sierra Deloach By ANNIE WORSFOLD In 2013 when we have such developed technology, it seems unlikely that anything new will come along to really blow the minds of the people. IPhones, tablets, Google glass even- have already incorporated themselves into the everyday lives of people. So, what about 3D printers and fax machines? […]

When Pigs Fly

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By DANIEL RIOS Wild pigs, boars, federal hogs – whatever you call them – they are becoming a major world problem. Within the last couple of years the wild pig populations have sky rocketed dramatically. It is a fact that wild pigs have taken over the planet. It is now just a matter of lowering their population […]