By LOGAN REVEIL A poll of about 50 Homer High students was taken by the Mariner Compass this week. The survey asked students whether or not they should be allowed to use cell phones in class. According to an article in the Homer News, the Kenai Peninsula Borough School district is considering changing its policy […]

By DANIEL RIOS Have you ever wondered why and how Homer came to be?  I wanted to learn more about the history of Homer, so I did some research and here is what I found out. Homer is not that old compared to, let’s say Boston, but even though Homer’s history is not as long […]

BBBS in Our Community

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By BRETT MERROW Big Brother’s Big Sister’s has been a continuous exercise in positive influence on our youth all throughout Homer. It provides a safe, solid environment for children to learn and grow through mentoring with a caring friend, or Big, who can give them the nurture and encouragement they need to dream big and […]

By HALEY BOND and SIERRA DELOACH HOMER, Alaska — Homer High School likes to think of itself as bully-free, but every school will have some bullies, regardless of the measures taken against bullying. It’s true that not much is reported here, and what is reported is taken care of. The biggest problem our school faces […]

Money in the Bank

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By NAHOA JETTE Alaska residents rejoice! It’s October and for us elite U.S. citizens, and it’s time to collect our reward in the form of a $900 check! Yes, the 2013 Permanent Fund Dividend has been announced at $900 this year, which is a $22 increase from last, but still not near the entrancing $2,069 […]

By ANNIE WORSFOLD Every couple of months, it seems there is one YouTube video that nobody can stop talking about. The viral masterpiece is shared on every social networking website, is conversed about amongst every group of friends, and usually has a fantastically hilarious and catchy musical number that can’t seem to leave the brain. […]

Teen Community Leader

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By SAM DRAVES HOMER, Alaska — Who is the first person you think of that works hard, is a true leader, and helps constantly in the community? Does Zoe Story come to mind? She works at the R.E.C. Room on Neilson Circle off of Ben Walters in Homer, and is a senior at HHS. The […]

By GRIFFIN SHERO On the rainy day of Aug. 29, 2013 at  Homer High School, I talked to an old cranky sea captain about his summer adventures in Cold Bay. The Captain’s name is Clayton Smith. Captain Smith has worked at the school for more than a decade and spends his summers as ship captain […]