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Saddle Trail

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by Theo Noomah Yesterday, May 17th, McNeil Canyon Elementary’s fifth grade went across the bay to hike the Saddle Trail and learn about  how glaciers can carve a mountain, drop rocks in fields and form lateral moraines. I hope during finals week High School students can remember that school isn’t about testing, it’s about learning. […]

By Mallory Drover Several scattered warriors surrounded Kyle Wentz of The Weeping Angels. Armed only with one arrow in defense, Kyle faced numerous attackers from every side wielding shields, spears, and swords. He fought valiantly, but in the end was charged upon and killed at 8:27pm “Apparently it’s true. One man can’t beat twenty Spartans,” […]

By Akane Fujimura The last week of school: It’s time for seniors to graduate, but it’s also the time for foreign exchange students to go home. According to all the foreign exchange students in Homer High School, they’re glad to go home and see their family and friends again, but at the same time, it’s […]

By Lauren Cashman Two different rooms at Homer High School have had a mild, chemical scent seeping out of them periodically throughout the last few weeks. Its origin? Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Lowe’s classrooms, where biology students have dissected and subsequently learned about the anatomical structures of fetal pigs, preserved and filled with latex. This […]

By Gabriel Selbig For the sixth straight year at Homer High, ceramics students received the end of the year treat of a half day of school spent at Bishop’s Beach. On this field trip, ceramics teacher, Maygen Janetta educates her 50+ students on the traditional method of pit-firing. Pit firing is the ancient, low-tech method […]

By: Megan Gee Over the course of a few years, softball at Homer High School has gained a great reputation. Almost every year since the program started, the team has either won the state championship or been runners up. They have also been academic champions six times since 2004. What makes the softball team so […]

By Cayenna Anderson From dancing, to singing, to foreign instruments, the 2012 Pops concert contains all of the elements of a successful talent showcase. Pops is known throughout the community as an exposé of the arts that all ages can enjoy with the array of acts that consist strictly of HHS students. Auditions took place […]


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By Ryan N Although students are staying busy with the upcoming finals and sports, Homerites have a bigger problem on their minds. The Battle for Homer is about to take place. Students are sharpening their blades and polishing their armor to prepare for the “super awesome” conflict taking place on The Point up on West […]

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