By Lauren Cashman Last Saturday the Homer High School Lady Mariner soccer team hosted a dance and fundraiser at the Bidarka. While it was a success, raising over 1,000 dollars for the program, some students questioned the choice of theme, Cowboys and Indians, and the possible racial insensitivity surrounding it. This question of insensitivity is […]

By Akane Fujimura “It’s my best sport!” Freshman Chris Bice, who takes part in the track & field team stated. The first track & field meet of this season took place in Anchorage on April 14th with thirty-eight schools participating. For the eight freshmen on the team, it’s also their first meet in their high […]

By Carson Duggar “So who cleared the snow off of the soccer and baseball field?” exclaimed a varsity boys soccer player. “Oh, I heard a rumor it was the Borough who did it…” said an anonymous student. “No, no, no. It was definitely the City of Homer that cleared it” stated another student. This is […]

By Michael de Moura Alleviating the absence of all ages concerts, outside of Homer High, takes initiative.  Last month, Homer Council on the Arts invited members of the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra to perform together on April 20th, as part of the gallery concert series. Concertmaster Sue Biggs, her husband Jack Will, Trina Uvaas, and Aaron […]

-Theo Noomah “Locally grown produce is healthier. It uses a lot less energy and a lot less resources because it doesn’t need to be shipped, processed, or packaged as much. The money stays in our community, a better place to put it than into a corporation.” Sophomore, Adella Sundmark, HAYEA president, could talk for hours […]

By Lauren Cashman After Dr. Gee introduced Senator Murkowski, she immediately asked if she could stand amongst the audience, rather than on the stage where the podium and both the Alaskan and American flags stood, saying it was more comfortable. She then proceeded to ask the students, “can you hear me fine without a microphone?” […]

The Hunger Games

April 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

by Jacob Mayforth The Hunger Games is far and away the best movie I have seen in years. It pulls off atmosphere the way Beethoven pulls off a symphony, masterfully. Every wave of the baton, every pulse pounding second that passed in the theater was a second I spent in pure anxiety. I had no […]

By Cayenna Anderson These days, it seems like all one hears during our morning announcements is Mr. Gutzler over the intercom talking about senior service projects. Even with these constant reminders, there are only ten out of one hundred seniors that have completed their projects. Mr. Gutzler said that if he can tell students anything […]

Testing Week

April 2, 2012 | Leave a Comment

By Gabriel Selbig With glum and melancholy feelings, the underclassmen of Homer High head into the annual testing week. For freshmen, this will be their seventh and final year taking the Standard Based Assessments. For sophomores, the High School Graduation Qualifying Exams may sound a little more worrisome. However, the majority of juniors and seniors […]

By Akane Fujimura “I have to think of a conclusion for my speech. Tomorrow is the due date,” Casey Farrell said in Mrs. Webb’s language class. Mrs. Webb required all of her language arts students to complete this project called TED Talk. “The point of TED Talks is to spread ideas,” Traven Apiki stated. TED […]

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