By Lauren Cashman As Robert Frost so eloquently states, “nothing gold can stay.” This, quite unfortunately, holds true in the case of Mark Robinson, who last Friday announced his retirement after a 27 year teaching career; 23 of which were spent amongst the students of Homer High School, building what is renowned as one of […]

By Mallory Drover On lamp posts, sign posts, doors, bulletin boards, and walls, Sarah D’Water and Grace Steiner taped posters with bright red and black images, with a single bold name and date- Kony 2012.“The purpose was to just spread the word any way possible, as long as it is legal, smart, and gets the […]

 By:Tabitha Drover To skip or not to skip, that is the question! Every year seniors are faced with the dilemma whether they should skip with their classmates on senior skip day or rebel against the crowd and go to school. Why would people choose to go school when their classmates are outside soaking in the […]

By Mallory Drover The school musical Into the Woods, which played March 30th and 31st, seemed to be a success, except for one odd detail. The story reached its greatest climax, with the female giant pursuing the rag-tag group of characters from several different fairy tales when all of a sudden the play… stopped.With the […]

By: Megan Gee Currently Homer High School students taking an Advanced Placement (AP) class have a weighted GPA (grade point average), meaning they have the opportunity to achieve higher than a 4.0 GPA in each AP class. The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District adds .021 points to the GPA for each AP class taken. For […]

Walking or Not?

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By Aurora Roderick Which seniors are going to walk? Right now, there are 32 students that will be walking with this year’s graduating class. The Senior Service Project is due, completed, by April 30th. The project consists of 30 hours of community service for a non-profit organization and then a one page summary. In the […]


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Ryan N As the school year comes to a close, talk of the upcoming year takes place. There are rumors floating around about next year, such as the controversial “retirement” of Mr. Casseri. Also floating around is some talk about the fate of the journalism class. The high school is currently funded by money sufficient […]

By Cayenna Anderson There are six boys on each side of the court, passing, setting and spiking. The whole crowd, containing most of the student body, can only hope that no spandex will be involved. A condition like this is none other than meatball volleyball, put on by the student council. For those unfamiliar, meatball […]

By:Tabitha Drover You walk down the hall and look to your left. There’s two students that are dressed exactly the same. Then you look to the right and see more students who dressed exactly the same. Then you start to wonder, “What’s going on?” You walk down the hallways and then see a bright yellow […]

By Gabriel Selbig The track at Homer High is abominable. This is no secret. In recent years, twenty plus students signed up for the track team despite not having a meet at home. In fact, it is now illegal for any school-sponsored activity to take place on the rundown track. However, as students and staff […]

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