-Theo Noomah Monday morning, school administrators were careful not to repeat the events of January 29, 2008, the aftermath of which left the janitor scrubbing blood off the school steps for hours. Students at Homer High School seemed unfazed when their morning routine took them within feet of three young moose who had found a […]

Into the Woods!

January 24, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Photo By http://www.mtishows.com/ Article by Tabitha Drover Every year at Homer High School a school musical is preformed. This year they are preforming a fairytale style musical called “Into the Woods.” The play takes the stories every teenager knows and love, such as “Rapunzel” and “Cinderella” and combines them to create a whole new lovely […]

By Mallory Drover The Homer Volunteer Fire Department is currently training new volunteers to be EMT-1’s (Emergency Medical Technician level 1) for the city of Homer. There is a wide variety of civilian volunteers taking the class, including high school students. In the class, students learn skills such as patient assessment, splinting, hemorrhage control, oxygen […]

Bong Hits 4 Jesus

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By Jacob Mayforth The week students returned from Christmas break was an interesting week, not in the least made more interesting by the appearance of a “Bong hits 4 Jesus” poster high on the ceiling of Homer High, 60 feet above the floor of the commons. This is not the first time “Bong hits 4 […]

By Lauren Cashman High School’s choral program is widely known for its student participation in music festivals at several levels. From the Borough Honor Choir to All-National Level, Homer High School students have always been a heavy portion of the groups and this February, two of Homer High School’s students will be attending the next […]

No MLK Day?

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By Gabriel Selbig Walking up to the school doors on this past Monday, the wind was freezing and each step of the stairs was iced over. Only until after the full day of classes, I was dumbfounded by the realization that I had just attended school on Martin Luther King Day! Almost feeling cheated, I […]

By Cayenna Anderson Most people walking out the door to their house would say to their parent “Bye! See you after school!” However, this is not the case for eight Homer High students who have parents that work on the faculty, including Maggie and Lewis Koplin, Maggie Graham, Megan Gee, William Sinclair, John Walsworth, Ian […]

By Ryan Navrot Homer High School has had a long history of leaky gym roofs. Depending on who you talk to, for at least eight or nine years, water has been dripping into the trophy hall or onto the gym bleachers, depending on how the building is sitting on the frost. This year is no […]

By: Megan Gee This past weekend the boy’s and girl’s basketball teams traveled 561.27 miles to play some ball in Nome. They traveled into -13۫۫ weather and played 3 games each. The boys took home the 2nd place trophy, while the girls played hard and improved their skills. The boys played the same teams, and […]

Successful Travels

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By Carson Duggar  Over the past weekend the Mariner Hockey team battled through the cold weather to win two out of two against the best small school competition in the state. On Thursday the team took the long trip to the frigid city of Fairbanks. They had three games on their plate, beginning with a […]

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