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Freshmen Go to the Theater

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By Isabelle DeArmoun                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Many students have wondered, even questioned why their class was not going to the movies last Wednesday while the freshman class was. It was not because the freshmen class is more superior or because other classes merit punishment. It was actually because of a grant of $6,000 dollars targeted at freshman classes to help smooth the transition from middle school to high school, because recently, freshman class failure rates has increased compared to other high school classes, according to Dr. Gee,

One of the first ways the money was put to use was by giving the freshmen who had C’s or higher the opportunity to miss a half day of school to go to the Homer Family Movie Theater and watch The Adventures of Tin Tin in 3D.Sounds awesome, right? 70 of the 88 students who qualified sure thought so…

On Wednesday afternoon lockers slammed as freshman grabbed their jackets to pile into the Commons, anxiously talking among themselves as they waited to board the bus. Not only did the classes miss a half day of school, but they also received a free ticket to a movie, proving to be an incentive. “The turnout has been very positive and successful, and we would like to see it again in the future,” said Dr. Gee. Mr. Story, the school’s counselor and interventionist, added, “It’s nice to offer incentives and rewards beyond a report card.”

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