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Do you have a C or higher?

Posted by: Tabitha Drover | December 14, 2011 | No Comment |

By: Tabitha Drover

Last spring the school talked about implementing a program called “Raising The Bar.” It makes it so that a D is no longer passing. This year the school is putting it in motion. But how are the kids liking it?

Some Kids feel that now they are pushed to work more and that their grades reflect that. Sydney Paulino, sophmore, said “Now that I know I can fail with just a C I’m trying harder. Not just to get B’s but straight A’s.”

Some, however, feel it’s effecting sports too much. Mr.Casseri, math teacher, said “It’s affecting the athletes greatly because instead of having a grade check every four and half weeks it’s almost a weekly grade check. We have kids missing practices so that they can stay in sports. It’s kind of a double jeopardy for those kids.”

Dr.Gee, principal, said “We’re providing credit recovery, more so then last year. For those students who didn’t pass with a C.”

So as the semester ends, students will seek to “Raise The Bar” and pass all of their classes with a C or higher.

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