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What is the National Honor Society?

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By Kikilia Kojin

            The induction ceremony was Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m., where eleven new members were inducted to the current group of seventeen members. Advised by Dianne Spence and Lin Hampson, the National Honor Society (NHS) is a national service organization at Homer High to recognize students who excel in four different areas: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. “It’s a variety of services inside and outside the community, sometimes international causes,” explained Spence.

            There is a three week annual recruitment process where the NHS posts posters and announcements where anyone with a GPA of 3.5 or higher can complete and application. Then a committee of teachers reviews the forms and evaluates students based on the four areas of excellence. Then there is a ceremony for the inductees where they receive certificates and membership.

            The NHS organizes events like raising money for the Food Bank by selling raffles, clothing and food drives, and tutoring services. Share the Spirit where gifts and food is collected for family in need during the holidays. Classes compete to see who can collect the most cans of food. Another service they do is Feast or Famine is a food drive where during FOL, students buy a raffle and win food or a bowl of rice. It’s to make kids aware of our food situation and how well we are off and the money goes to charities

            The NHS meets once a month, unless there is a special event. A breakfast will be planned for the inductees to discuss what the plans are for the year including seniors Mallory Drover, Abby Little, and Matthew Jasper; juniors are Maggie Graham and Katherine Kirsis; and sophomores Molly Bowen, Maggie Koplin, Cassidy Soistman, Katherine Dolma, Mattea Peters, and John Walsworth. The current NHS members are seniors Traven Apiki, Madeleine Bowen, Lauren Cashman, Rayann Clutts, Lewis Koplin, Kathleen McNary, Alaine Miller, Dana Olesch, Emily, Kathryn, and Marie Schmidt, and Kirsten Swanson; and juniors Ethan Kizzia, Hannah LaRue, Hanna Mikols, Katherine Pitsman, and Samuel Reinert.

Students join to get recognition for excellence and it looks good on your resume so it helps out with college applications,” commented Spence.

“It’s important for all students to help with community service for people who are really in need,” concluded Hampson.

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