By: Tabitha Drover Everyday at Homer High school students start school at 8:30 and get out at 3:15. The school district wants students to start school at 7:50 am or 8:00 am and get out around 2:30 pm or 2:40 pm.                                                              But why are we changing the schedule now? Dr.Gee, Principal, said “If we […]

By Jacob Mayforth This past weekend from the 17th to the 19th of November, Homer High sent more kids  than any other school in the district to All-state Honor Choir for the tenth year in a row. Twenty-six choir students traveled to West High to perform, two of those students, Kirsten Swanson and Mariah Stewart, […]

By Akane Fujimura The HHS ski team started practice on October 31st. For some of them this is their first experience with cross country skiing and for others, it is their first experience with snow. On the first day of ski practice, actually on snow, Lertkiat Kuanmongknlert (Neung), a foreign exchange student from Thailand was […]

By Michael de Moura Ides of March centers around a Democratic Presidential campaign — the candidates, interns, coordinators, reporters — that masterfully evokes the nature of politics. George Clooney’s fourth directorial venture closely follows the footsteps of an experienced junior campaign manager, Steven, through his ideological travails.  Steven, played by Ryan Gosling (The Notebook and […]

The Blood Drive

November 22, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Isabelle De Armoun Students might have noticed the “Life Mobile” from the Blood Bank of Alaska In front of the high school on November 11th. The Life Mobile is a mobile bus that allows blood donors to come on board and give blood in a safe and sanitary way. The Blood Bank of Alaska says […]

Headstart Helpers

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Headstart daycare center is renting an old building on Oceanview drive and is currently renovating it for better use. The art teacher, Ms. Jannetta, who’s daughter is in HeadStart, is now taking her third period art class to the newly renovated building on Oceanview by car to have her third period art class paint the […]

By Michael de Moura Unlike the last couple Shrek movies, Puss in Boots delivers consistent laughs.  New characters bring color to a series that, after its third and fourth reprisal, was so very bland. Dreamwork’s Puss in Boots acts as a prequel to Antonio Banderas’ role in Shrek 2 (and onward), showing the origins of […]

By Michael de Moura Shakespeare performances benefit everyone involved, in like manner, audience members “have greatness thrust upon them!” as Olivia’s steward exclaimed.  On Saturday, November 19th, the TheatreShakes, an after school theatre troupe, will perform William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Homer Council on the Arts building. Earlier in the school year, Pier 1 […]

By Mallory Drover Winter has arrived in Homer, Alaska, and with it the usual abundance of snow. Students have reacted differently to the snowfall, with excitement for the fun snow sports or dread for the slick roads to school. “I do skiing as an after school sport,” said freshman Benjamin Westphal. “And snowboarding.” “I fall […]

By Kikilia Kojin             The induction ceremony was Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m., where eleven new members were inducted to the current group of seventeen members. Advised by Dianne Spence and Lin Hampson, the National Honor Society (NHS) is a national service organization at Homer High to recognize students who excel in four different areas: scholarship, […]

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