In June 1988 Ken Castner, a local fisherman and prominent community member, saw the dead Sperm Whale on the beach of East Chugiak Island. Over the entire month of July, various community members made multiple trips to butcher the whale and recover the bones. For two years they lay in a local yard, before they […]

-Kikilia Kojin “Eww. I don‘t like it. I don’t think any of it it‘s healthy. It‘s greasy, saturated in fats,” expressed Debra Altman, a sophomore. It is commonly believed that the school cafeteria food is unhealthy and distasteful. “It’s not that bad. Some are healthy options,” admits Heidi Ebeling, a senior. What they might not […]

 By Akane Fujimura    Why does the pool damage students’ hair when swim every day? This question arose among swimmers on the HHS swim team. Some of them thought that the chemicals in the pool, chlorine, affected their hair after spending hours in the pool every day, while others felt they could prevent the negative […]

Hallway Change

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                 By: Tabitha Drover     Last year hallways were assigned to each grade. Freshmen had wing A-100, Sophomores had wing B-100, the juniors had upper wing B-200, and seniors had B-200. But this year has brought about new changes for the freshmen,sophomores, and juniors. Freshman now have the old junior hallway, sophomores have A-100, […]

“We got Spirit, Yes we do! We got spirit how ‘bout you!” Cheerleaders are the ones that get a crowd pumped, and help make football and basketball games stay upbeat and fun. At Homer High School, cheerleaders may seem like a permanent fixture at football and basketball games when times are tense and during half-time […]

By Dylan Zharoff The wood shop teacher, Cam Wyatt, designed a project to create wooden salmon by putting together scrap wood too big to just throw away but also too small to create decent projects. The students pieced together their wood of choice on a fish template, where they then got rid of the rough […]

Boredom in Culinary

October 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

by Matthew Meyer When most people think of culinary arts class they think of people learning how to cook a soufflé or making some kind of exquisite dinner, and then they are able to feast on it. That is not the case with Homer High’s culinary class. On Mondays and Tuesdays students read books and […]

By Isabelle De Armoun Homer High Students may have noticing the big white busses in front of the school last week and this Thursday. They are anything but big yellow broken down school busses, they are charter busses. They are complete with TVs that hang down from the ceiling and footrests under the reclining seats […]

By Mallory Drover “The Senior Service Project is a requirement for graduation. Seniors need thirty hours of volunteer work, and not for profit, in the southern peninsula area,” explained Mr. Gutzler, on his second year of coordinating the project. Each year, senior students at Homer High School are given a list of requirements and forms […]

October 7, 2011 | Leave a Comment

By Jacob Mayforth                  The documentary film festival is an annual event at the Homer Theater where Directors from around the world submit their works to be viewed. This year viewers had a large choice of documentaries to watch. From Senna, a “heroic story” that follows the Brazilian Formula-One Racing driver and three time World […]

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