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Bikes: Why are they here?

Posted by: Kenley Kingrey | October 20, 2011 | 1 Comment |

By: Kenley Kingrey

                Walking up the steps to the front entrance of Homer High School you can see trees, the bike rack, bushes, lights, and the other students walking into to the school.  Now something may seem different with the bike rack, why are there bikes that have our school colors painted on them?  What are the bikes there for?  And who uses them?

                The blue and gold bikes have been at Homer High and at the college since last spring.  The college gave them to the high school so that any student or community member will be able to use them throughout the day.  So they are here, but what happens to them throughout the day?

                “The blue and gold bikes are supposed to be community bikes.  They are locked up at night, and then unlocked during the day so that people can use them throughout town.  When they are done with the bikes they can return them to the high school or the community college, and will then be locked up for the night,”  said Mrs. Fisher, Homer High student council supervisor.

                So the blue and gold bikes are here for the students of Homer High to use, but are also here for any community member who likes to bike.  Students who bike have taken notice to the bikes and are willing to use them, but students that don’t bike most likely don’t know they’re there.  Biking is a great pass time and is a part of Homer’s pass time.

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