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Parking Stickers. What’s the deal?

Posted by: Tabitha Drover | October 14, 2011 | No Comment |

                               By: Tabitha Drover

                     The school requires every student who drives and parks at the school to get a parking sticker. They start out the process by going to the office and get a parking permit paper, then they fill it out some information like the license number and get their parent to sign off, and then hand it into the office and get an assigned sticker.  

             But why go through this task? Some kids such as Monique Escolta, a senior, says  “I don’t even know what it’s for.” Kids have to go through this task and they don’t even know why.

                   However, some kids find it annoying but understand it’s to protect the school. Some kids even talk about how it can keep them safe and even if it’s an long and grueling process that it’s for their own protection.

  Dr.Gee, Principal, said “It’s all about your (students)  safety. We’ve had kids and adults that don’t attend this school on campus, doing things that are not legal. And we want to make sure this is a safe campus for you. So we are able to identify cars here, ones that do not have stickers, we contact the police and they can inform us the owner of the vehicle. That gives us an opportunity to do trespass warnings to keep them off campus, or allow them to be on campus if there is a reason.”
    Regardless of students opinion, the stickers will stay until Dr.Gee says otherwise.

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