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Homework: Do We Need It?

Posted by: Matthew Meyer | September 23, 2011 | No Comment |

“We are already waiting for school to end, we want it out of our mind, so we don’t want to do homework,” an upperclassman expressed. How much homework is the right amount? Should we even have any at all?

“If there’s more than an hour of work, I don’t do it,” a student shared. Students are assigned hours worth of homework, which is sometimes “pointless and excessive,” as Jacob Mayforth described. “There’s too much. Seems like students are always taking books home. Studying every night. The higher the grade the more the homework,” revealed Mrs. Hoozer, the librarian.

“Why is there homework?” I hear students moan when homework is assigned at the end of class. “I think it’s just to show your parents that you’re doing something. And it’s good practice,” Megan Shover, a junior, stated.

Homework is an expected process, but when is it too much? “I spend seven hours at school already. It’s just extra work. It’s hard to find a balance,” said Adella Sunmark, a home schooled sophomore who is very involved, having a hard time balancing school with other activities.

“They explain it well enough in class. I get it and homework is just redoing work. We shouldn’t have homework, I have other stuff going on,” remarked Adrian Huff, a junior. She believes that you already spend so much time in the day for school and you already reviewed the work during class, but teachers still assign more work and it seems repetitive. “It’s a waste of time. We already reviewed the material and it takes a lot of time out of the day. It‘s hard and time-consuming,” agreed Megan Shover.

Homework can be helpful or pointless. “Homework is good for studying for tests. It pushes students to have something to do every night. It’s good for math as practice skills, since you use it every day of life,” admitted Mrs. Hoozer. When studying or learning new skills, homework is helpful. “I have two kids, so I understand. It’s the right amount, but when it’s busy work…” drifted Mrs. Koplin the secretary. “Yes, homework is helpful. A small amount helps to practice content and finish material, but there shouldn’t be more than an hour total,” emphasized Mr. Tucker, a Special Services teacher.

“In a competitive world, the person who is willing to put in the time is best suitable for the job. You are competing against people in Japan, who do homework without question,” explained Ms. Dolma, an English teacher. She continued, saying that students make excuses and if they want to be successful in life then they need to be successful in high school. Students have their own opinions on the subject of homework, but they can agree on one thing: it’s never consistent. It can be helpful or just plain useless, but it’ll always be around.

-Kikilia Kojin

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