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The Big Secret

Posted by: Phillip Whitney | September 21, 2011 | No Comment |

The Homer High Cheer Squad. 11 energetic teenage girls who have been preparing for the homecoming football game’s half-time show with a secret dance routine that they have been developing and practicing after school, along with participating in powder-puff, and doing a cheer for the pep-assembly Friday.  

            Fallin Crauthers, one of the minds behind the upcoming halftime show routine, commented that that the dance was going to be great and when asked what was going to be in it she replied “I can’t tell you. It’s a Secret.”, Isabelle De Armoun stated that it was going to be a cheer dance combination with a couple stunts, anymore though she refused to elaborate.

            This new routine that they are creating shows promise of being exciting and joyous. These girls brought together by the pleasure of cheering for the sports teams, have only been brought closer by their devising of this routine. The Secret shall be unveiled at halftime at the football game.

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